"Stakeout for Love" by Christie Walker Bos

Title:  Stakeout for Love
Author:  Christie Walker Bos
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Rating: 2 stars
Source: Free on Amazon


Dating websites suck. Skylar’s found that members lie about everything. And photo manipulation is rampant—don’t get her started on the guy with the surprise peg leg. She’d rather be a workaholic than take her chances on another loser with mad Photoshopping skills.

Skylar’s best friend Cath, however, has some unconventional methods to help her snag a mate—including a stakeout, complete with donuts and binoculars. Well, what does Skylar have to lose? Besides, Cath’s methods have worked before…

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My Thoughts
A sweet romance with a bit of humor
I highly enjoyed this short story it was sweet, engrossing, funny, and definitely made me want to read more of the authors work.
Skylar is a sweet character who is easy to relate to, while her best friend Cath is very outgoing and a bit zany. I really liked both characters and found their little antics very amusing.
The love interest was cute and brought with him some very humorous moments between the characters, but he was a little flat as a character himself.
Overall I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to pass some time and to get a feel for the authors writing style.