Wolf Tracker by Maddy Barone

Wolf TrackerWritten for The Romance Reivews

Title: Wolf Tracker
Author: Maddy Barone
Liquid Silver Books
Rating: 5 stars

Source: Review Copy


Strong, independent Tami was a survivalist and mountain guide in 2014 when she was flung forward fifty years into a post-apocalyptic future where women are worth their weight in gold. She is taken by four men to be their wife, but when she escapes from them they hire the Tracker, a deadly loner from the Clan with a reputation for being able to track anything, to bring her back. But Tami knows how to ride and how to hide, and she leads him on a chase that rouses his admiration. Behind Tracker’s stone-cold face is a man who yearns for a wife of his own. When he catches up with Tami and learns that she is not a willing wife, he knows he can’t give her up.

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My Thoughts
Wolf Tracker is an exciting romance with loads of action and sexy men from the future.
Tami is a survivalist and mountain guide in the year 2014, but her world is turned upside down when she is suddenly thrown fifty years into the future where women are highly sought after. She is taken by four men who want her as their wife, but she escapes them only to be tailed by a tracker they hired to find her. The tracker Dan is intrigued when she give him a run for his money. After catching up to her he finds out more about her story and decides that he can’t give her up.
I liked the relationship between these two and felt that they were really good for each other. There was a lot of action and some touchy scenes within the book like rape were dealt with very tactfully without out a lot of crude descriptions. The story overall was exciting and at times very sweet and romantic.
Tami is a great heroine with a lot of inner strength. She does not break down easily and this is a great help to her in trying to survive in this insane new world she has been dragged into.
Dan is an honorable man and even though he is hired to track her down he listens to her side of the story. He is the strong silent type, but it is easy to tell he has a big heart.
I highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a good romance with a bit of action.