Reading Romances Challenge

I am happy to be participating in this fun challenge, especially since I adore romances. If anyone else will be participating let me know so I can see how you are doing as well.

This month's challenge topics are:


1) Read a book that has a reference to a fairytale, either title, character or plot.

2) Read a book that has an athlete as a character or has a sports-themed plot

3) Read a Stand-Alone book.


4) Read a book that has Wedding, Marriage, Proposal, Bride, Groom or Engagement in the title or has a Wedding theme cover.

5) Read an m/m romance book or a book that has at least one prominent gay or lesbian character.

6) Royalty theme: Read a book that has the words King, Queen, Lord, Earl, Duke, or any other royal title.


7) Repeat Day (June3) Read a book where the first letter repeats for both an author’s first and last name. (Ex. Lora Leigh, Amanda Ashley, Beverly Barton, etc)