Her Goblin Protector by Thalia Frost

Her Goblin ProtectorWritten for The Romance Reviews

Title: Her Goblin Protector
Author:  Thalia Frost
Publisher:  Musa Publishing
Rating: 4 stars

Source: Review Copy


Lizzie Lake looks forward to a few peaceful months at her aunt's place, Landry's Farm, but her first night proves the place is anything but tranquil.

When she sees a non-human but handsome face in the window, she wonders if the superstitions her Aunt Lou holds are true. After finding a dogeared copy of the poem Goblin Market, she suspects that an old myth from the past lives on in the present. Handsome local Riley Mann distracts her from the strange goings on, but an encounter with a goblin man, Lorcan, changes everything. Will he be able to protect Lizzie from danger, and can she trust her heart to him?

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My Thoughts

A stay at her aunts farm may prove to be more exciting than she could ever have imagined.

Lizzie is hoping for a relaxing getaway at her aunt’s old farm, but strange things are happening and her nights are becoming restless. Not soon after she sees a face in her window that gives her nightmares, she finds a poem of the Goblin Market. As crazy as it sounds Lizzie is starting to believe that the old myth from the past lives on. She is distracted by the handsome local man named Riley, but after an encounter with a goblin named Lorcan everything changes. Now it seems Lorcan is the only one who can save her, but can she trust him?

This was a fun read that really captured the old tale’s haunting imagery. I really enjoyed how the old myth was used and turned into a spooky and yet romantic story.

Lizzie is practical and doesn’t believe in fairytales so it is fun to see how she reacts when she is thrust into one. It is also nice to see that she has a kind heart and the ability to see past what’s on the service.

I really liked seeing a goblin as a love interest for once. This was one of my favorite aspects of the story and I think Lorcan was written very well and made an excellent hero. He is the strong silent type, but figuring him out was tons of fun.

This is a fun goblin romance that fantasy lovers will enjoy, especially if you like unique heroes. 


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