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FF 2012 Feature and Follow #134 

Q: What is the first thing you would do if you woke up to find yourself in your favorite book?


First of all this would be one of the most amazing things ever! I might be thinking about this too hard, but this would all depend on the type of book I went into and whether or not I was guaranteed to be the heroine. The reason is as a Fantasy lover many of the book worlds that I love are not really great places to live. There are dragons killing everybody, overlords enslaving people, this list could go on. If I was guaranteed to be the heroine though I would definitely love to go into many of these books. Also If it isn't a fantasy book and you couldn't be the heroine it would be the same as where I'm living now really. Now whether or not I get to be the heroine I will say this If I were to wake up and find myself in "Kamisama Kiss" the first thing I would do is pet Tomoe's ears whhich are so Kawaii!! This would most probably result in him freaking out on me, but be totally worth it(:


 What would you do in your favorite book?


  1. I agree if I wasn't guaranteed to be the heroine the only role open would be a person killed by the dragons or enslaved by the evil overlord.
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  2. Nice answer :)
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  3. I never thought of entering a fantasy world lol. Sounds great! And you have me intrigued by the whole petting the ears thing?? Never read that book. Happy reading!

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  4. I love the name of your blog! Super creative :) New twitter follower!


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