Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: March 29, 2013
Genre: Sci-Fi/Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Stars


Hallie has never run so fast in her life. One of the frightening sky warriors from the warship Valiant is hot on her heels and intent on capturing her as his bride. He takes her down, places his collar around her neck. With one word, he claims her.


Born and bred for the military, Vicious has spent years rising through the ranks. Hallie is his reward, the beautiful sprite ensnaring him with a glance.

Despite her fear of Vicious, Hallie surrenders under his skillful hands and mouth. If she’ll submit, he promises pleasure and comfort. After a lifetime of hardship, his offer tempts her greatly.

One night with Hallie and Vicious feels his protective instincts flaring. He’ll do anything to make her happy and keep her safe, even if that means surrendering his heart. Though he intended to master her, Vicious realizes it may be his sweet Hallie who masters him.

Inside Scoop: Our heroine endures trials and violence with strength equal to that of her warrior mate. (She also witnesses F/F play, and endures a collar and light BDSM. Fortunately she likes that part.)

A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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My Thoughts

Why should I run when it seems more exciting to be caught?

This story was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. There were a lot of heated moments both of the good and bad variety, but within all of that there was a lot of tenderness. I loved the strong heroine, but what really got my attention was how both characters handled their situations. They both went into this relationship with completely different expectations and because of this there was a lot of confusion and misunderstandings, but when the going got rough they talked things out. Things weren't always easy, but through it all they stuck together and tried their best to make things work. That took real strength and courage. It was also the reason I really believed at the end of the book that they would truly get their happily ever after because they worked for it.

The relationship between these two was scorching hot and you could really see how well suited they were. They each had strong personalities and I think their willingness to adapt to changes really helped. Especially for Hallie since Vicious had a lot to teach her and that was something they both enjoyed.

Vicious wasn't the sappy type at all, but he did have his tender moments which I though very sweet. I really liked that he was thoughtful towards Hallie and tried to make her happy even if it didn't always go as planned.