Just Her Luck by Beverly Price

Just Her Luck (Lucky, Montana)Written for The Romance Reviews

Title: Just Her Luck
Author: Beverly Price
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Rating: 4 Stars


Riley O'Connor has been on the run from her past, but when her luck turns south she ends up in a small town just outside of the Canadian border. She is not used to allowing others to take care of her, however, Riley must face her demons and rely on two strangers. Will she try and run again, or stay and fight for the life she has created for herself with the men she has fallen for? Cooper and Cash Jackson live a perfect small-town life, but when a small broken woman enters their world with her past following right behind her, the men stick together to try and save her. When an attack on Riley happens, they discover someone within the town is actually behind the attacks. Cooper and Cash are faced with the question of who they can trust to keep her safe. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

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My Thoughts

Loveis a battlefield.

Rileyis on the run and when things take a turn for the worse she ends up in a smalltown just outside of Canada. Not one to rely on others she is unprepared forthe two strangers who sweep in and help her in her darkest hour and steal herheart along the way. Cooper and Cash never expected to be helping thismysterious beauty, but they are falling hard and don’t want to let her go.

Thisstory is hot, hot, hot! This fast paced love story is full of thrilling drama,heart stopping action, and two sizzling hero’s that will knock your socks off.There was a bit of mystery about Riley’s past that kept me guessing, but what Iloved most was the relationship between Riley and her two saviors.

Rileyis an independent woman who is not used to getting help from others, but Cooperand Cash are determined to teach her that and a few other things.

Cooperand Cash are devilishly handsome with personalities to match. I loved seeingthese two shows Riley what it really means to love.

Thisis a sweet and action packed romance that is sure to knock you off your feet!


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