Wooing the Schoolmarm by Dorothy Clark

Wooing the Schoolmarm
Title: Wooing the Schoolmarm
Author: Dorothy Clark
Publisher: Love Inspired
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 5 Stars


A Spinster by Choice  When Willa Wright's fiancĂ© abandoned her, he ended all her hopes for romance. Now she dedicates herself to teaching Pinewood's children, including the new pastor's young wards. If she didn't know better, Reverend Calvert's kindness could almost fool Willa into caring again. Almost... Though Matthew Calvert adores his niece and nephew, he wants a family of his own, too. The more he sees of the pretty schoolteacher, the more he wants that future with her.  Yet Willa, so warm to her pupils, is ice-cool toward him.  But where there's a woman like Willa, there's a man determined to guide her back to love.

My Thoughts

Love comes at the most unexpected times.

This is a heartwarming tale of hope, faith, and love. The characters are all written realistically and they all must overcome grief and other obstacles to obtain happiness.

Willa has had bad experiences with men and though her wariness his well deserved she needs to learn that that not all are like her ex. I really admired her spirit and ability to put others before herself. She truly cared for the children she taught and went above and beyond to help them. She is a kind a caring woman who deserved a happy ending.

Mathew Calvert the new pastor in town. He has had a tough year as well. First his brother died leaving him with two children who need all the care and understanding they can get. When moving to a new town he hoped to help ease the children’s grief with a change of scenery. He didn’t expect to find Willa the beautiful schoolmarm who was the answer to his prayers. He is a sweet man who tries his best and has a charming sense of humor.

I loved the romance and how it was both sweet and realistic. The pacing was just right without moving too fast or slow and gave us enough time to get to know the characters in depth while they too got to understand each other better.

This is a sweet and uplifting story that I highly recommend!


  1. This sounds really sweet, Katie. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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