Lycan Gladiator by Eva Gordon

Lycan Gladiator (Wolf Maiden Saga #1)
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Title: Lycan Gladiator
Author: Eva Gordon
Corvallis Press 

Source: Review Copy
Rating: 5 Stars


 During a time of bloody gladiator games and treacherous schemes, a secret society of lycans live amongst the Romans.

When Ulric, a lycan gladiator, meets a mysterious human woman with green eyes, he’s drawn to her fiery beauty, enraptured by her alluring aroma. Unfortunately, Ulric and the beauty are slaves. To make matters worse, he can mate only with someone marked with the sign of the wolf.

Cassia’s hidden wolf mark burns in the presence of the handsome gladiator. While her heart yearns to be near Ulric, logic warns her against it—having a slave as a mate is against the lycan society’s plans for her.

In spite of the lycan society’s rules and the emperor’s brutal plots, their love grows … but their passion just may cost them their lives.

My Thoughts

Werewolves and gladiators oh my!

Lycan Gladiator is a wonderful mix of history and the paranormal. This is a unique tale filled with intrigue, action, danger, and a forbidden romance. I couldn't put it down! The story was well thought out and beautifully executed. It was plain to see there was a lot of thought put into this world of gladiator werewolves.

The romance was perfectly paced and the chemistry between the two characters was palpable. I loved the way these two interacted. Even when they were fighting it was plain to see they belonged together. If only they weren't slaves and bound by the rules of their society. Can even there love survive such turmoil?

Ulric was handsome, sweet, and dangerous. He was a fun character to get to know and the perfect match for the stubborn Cassie.

Cassie is a strong willed young woman who knows how to hold her own. I really admired her and couldn't help but root for her and Ulric's love in the end. She didn’t meet Ulric under the best of circumstances, but even so it was hard to fight the attraction that was so strong between them. She is smart, caring, and fought hard for her own happy ending.

This is an exciting and sweet love story that you won't want to put down!


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    Glad you enjoyed this book. Who wouldn't want to read a sweet love story?


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