Review: Deadly Kisses by Kerri Cuevas

Deadly KissesDeadly Kisses by Kerri Cuevas
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Aiden Grant has a killer kiss. Literally. And it’s not every reaper who gets to work with the Sixteenth President. Sure, Honest Abe likes to throw out history lessons with reaping assignments, but when you’re favored by the ancients, grim reaper life is pretty sweet for a newly dead seventeen-year-old.

Then things get messy.

Aiden is assigned to reap the soul of Bee, the only girl he has ever loved. When Aiden’s kiss of death fails, intertwining their souls, she is still very much alive and they are both in trouble. The ancients want Bee, who has special powers of her own, and they’ll do anything to get her.

Some rules are meant to be broken, even if that means Aiden must bargain with his own soul to save Bee. Who knew the afterlife could get so complicated?

My Thoughts:

I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.
Firstly I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.
Well, as you all know from the blurb that this is a YA paranormal romance where we get to see Aiden, who is a reaper and in good books of the ancients until he is given the task of reaping the soul of her lifelong love Bee with the help of his deadly and fatal kiss but miraculously his kiss doesn’t kill Bee instead forged a inseparable bond between them. Bee has her own powers and now the ancients are after them. Will they survive? How will their love sustain when one of them is dead and the other alive? Will they be able to fight against all odds to save their love?
This book is really awesome-sauce. I got excited on reading the blurb and quickly signed up for it and I didn’t regret my decision for even a second. Well planned out plot and super skilled writing style made this read an intriguing one for me. The characterization is great and they are properly developed. The best part is that the lead heroine is not at all cliché rather she is strong and confident and has control of her bearings. On the other hand the male lead is also great and believable with some natural flaws.
The sweet romance added the spice to the story and the suspense made me go all crazy in anticipation. The fantastic portrayal of the romantic relation between a dead guy and a living girl and the complexities that they face, kept me hooked to the story and I really got impressed by the ending.
Over all a great book with power-packed action, heart-stopping suspense, gut wrenching outcomes, dangers lurking at every corner and so much more. If you love paranormal romance then give this book a shot and it’s better than many other popular books out there. Try it and enjoy!!!

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