A lifetime to share by Kathleen Ball

A Lifetime to Share (Oregon Trail Dreamin' Book 2) by [Ball, Kathleen]
Title: A Lifetime To Share
Author: Kathleen Ball
Series: Oregon Trail Dreamin Book 2


When life has shown you death, can you bring yourself to love again?

Eli Todd is a tall, handsome Captain of a wagon train bound for Oregon. Life has taught him if he allows people into his heart, he ends up losing them. 

Amelia Cruthers is a pretty young woman with a limp. She’s a hard worker who starts out the trip to Oregon with her parents, until they try to leave her behind. In shock, she watches them cross a river by ferry without her.

Thankfully the kind, strong Eli Todd takes her with him. Admiring her spunk and work ethic he gives her a job cooking for the crew. After a fall from his horse, Amelia tends him and he realizes she is sweetness on earth. 

Her parents demand he marry Amelia since she spent time alone with him, nursing him. Eli figures why not? He won’t be home most of the year anyway and Amelia could have a safe place to live on his ranch. What could possibly go wrong?
Amelia never thought to be married. She’d been told her hip was too hideous for a man to look upon and that she couldn’t have children. Knowing that she could never be a real wife, the love she begins to feel for Eli frightens her.

The distance they try to place between them doesn’t work leaving them both hurt with longings that could never be fulfilled. But there are secrets and when they realize they’d been lied to; do they take the leap at a lifetime to share?

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My Thoughts

An engaging and heartfelt story of hardship and love. Kathleen Ball wove a tale of love on the trail I won't soon forget. Amelia has learned the hard way she is unwanted by even her family and yet her determination and will to live and love brought tears to my eyes. Eli, no stranger to love fiercely guarded his heart, but the strong beauty, Amelia, brought out feelings he thought long buried.

This was a fast paced love story with characters learning to survive and having the courage to move on and love again.

Neither Amelia or Eli were expecting love in their lives, but they soon find out that it has a way of sneaking up on you. I enjoyed the way these two worked together and seeing how they both grew throughout the book. The sweet romance was heartwarming and I adored seeing them warm up to each other and the little ways they showed they cared for one another even when they couldn't say it with words.

This is a sweet romance on the western frontier that make you believe in the power of love!